Race Catalytic Converter – 310R & 270R – FIA Approved Race Spec.

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McMillan Motorsport release 310R & 270R FIA Approved Race Catalytic Converter.

Due to overheating, melting problems and loss of power with the standard catalytic converter on many of our own customers and our partners customers cars, we have developed and now released our own upgrade to the standard catalytic converter.

The catalytic converter itself is an FIA approved unit which can withstand temperatures up to 1,600 degrees Celsius and we believe will cure any overheating and melting issues. Testing in both track day and race conditions have so far shown no signs or wear or heat damage.

These are now available on an exchange basis. Send us your existing, melted catalytic converter and we will supply one of our lovely new FIA approved race catalytic converters.

These have been dyno tested and show no increase in performance over the standard unit. These units are legal to be used in the 7 Race Series.

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