Championship Classes

7 Racing UK Championship & 7 Racing Euro Cup

7 Racing 420R UK Championship

7 Racing has run the largest grids of 420R specification Caterham’s of any UK based Caterham championship for many years now. With grids regularly exceeding 40 cars, the on track action is truly second to none.

Couple this great car, our continually packed grids, our great organisation and the famous 7 Racing family vibe that runs throughout our paddock, how can this not be the premier Caterham Championship in the UK?  The fact so many drivers come back year after year seems to prove our assumption right.

The Caterham 420R is an exceptional race car package. With its 175bhp, 2000cc Duratec engine, paired to the sublime Sadev 6 speed sequential gearbox, both nestled in this famous chassis. This one seat, no lights, Bilstein suspended monster is by many considered the true sweet spot of Caterham race car specification.

  • Dedicated race car chassis
  • Bespoke Bilstein race dampers
  • 6 speed Sadev sequential, flat shift gearbox
  • Ford Duratec 2.0 litre engine
  • Wider rear tyres to enhance traction

7 Racing 310R UK Championship

The Caterham 310R is the ultimate evolution of the 1600cc Sigma engine Caterham. With power increased to 152bhp and the fitment of a limited slip differential, the 310R is an exceptional package.

The 310R has always made up the bulk of the 7 Race Series ‘1600cc’ class.

  • Originally 2014 onwards Academy cars
  • Upgraded to Roadsport, then 270R, then onto 310R specification
  • Rear anti-roll bar
  • Stiffer springs and dampers
  • Wide track front suspension
  • Windscreen and lights removed
  • Power upgrade to 152bhp
  • Limited slip differential

7 Racing 270R UK Championship

The Caterham 270R cars have typically made their way up from Caterham’s excellent Academy series from 2014 onwards, with most originally being modified 2016 – 2020 Academy cars.

The 270R is the first rung on the ladder of true Caterham race cars, with stiffer suspension and removal of the windscreen and lights resulting in that uncompromising race car look and feel.

We have everything in place to offer a 270R UK Championship in 2024, we just need the numbers. We are hoping that the “If you build it they will come” mantra rings true here. We look forward to welcoming this great little Caterham race car to the 7 Racing family.

  • Typically first upgraded to Roadsport with a rear anti-roll bar.
  • Originally 2015 onwards Academy cars
  • Upgraded to 270R specification cars include:
  • Stiffer springs and dampers
  • Wide track front suspension
  • Windscreen and lights removed