7 Racing 2024 UK Championship – Round 1 – Snetterton 300

Last weekend marked the start of the 7 Racing UK season, and what a start it was. Snetterton always provides superb racing, but when teamed with sunshine and blue skies, it makes the day even better. A one day race meeting is always going to be full on, but thanks to fantastic racing from our 420R, 310R and 270R drivers, we breezed through the action.


The 420R championship was first on track, and after a solid qualifying session it was Mark Stansfield who kick started his season perfectly with pole position. After missing the majority of the 2023 season, Rob Watts was back with a bang, lining up in second place on the grid, ahead of Ben Winrow in third.

As the race began, there was action from the off, as the usual suspects began their battle immediately. Making his return to Caterham racing with the 7 Racing Championship this year, Lee Wiggins, definitely made his return known, as he worked his way to the head of the pack.

No stranger to the frantic nature of Caterham racing, Wiggins was right back in the swing of things immediately. Before long, it was Wiggins and former 420R champion, Phil Jenkins who were leading the way, fighting tooth and nail for honours.

The battle for supremacy was far from easy, however, with the top five cars separated by millimetres for the duration. As the chequered flag came into sight, it was still difficult to see who would be crowned victorious, as the top three crossed the line side by side. With an advantage of just 0.015 seconds, it was Wiggins who took the victory, narrowly ahead of pole sitter Stansfield and Jenkins. Watts held on for a strong fourth place finish, ahead of reigning 420R champion, Anthony Barnes – the top five separated by just half a second at the fall of the chequered flag.

Ian Cowley claimed the first 420R Sportsman championship victory of the season, ahead of Peter Rimer and Matt Drew.

Onto race two and all eyes were focused on the track, ready for another 25-minute battle. Following a reverse of the top 10 from race one’s result, it was Rimer on pole, with Cowley alongside. Both eager to triumph in their own championship battle, it was set to be a thrilling outing.

As the race got underway, drama struck further back as Ben Winrow sadly retired almost immediately. A good start from reigning 420R Sportsman champion, Gary Tootell, was also short lived, as he too was forced to retire after just two laps.

In his absence, the usual suspects navigated their way to the head of the pack once more, with Wiggins and Jenkins resuming their tussle from race one. This time, however, it was Barnes who kept them honest in third place, as once again the top few drivers raced mere millimetres apart.

As the chequered flag came into view, another photo finish ensued, with Jenkins and Wiggins just 0.010 seconds adrift, this time with Jenkins in the triumphant spot. Barnes held onto a third place finish, whilst Watts secured a consistent result, once again claiming fourth place. Stansfield crossed the finish line in fifth, whilst Mark Farmer rounded out the top six.

Cowley doubled his weekend’s successes with another 420R Sportsman victory, once again ahead of Rimer, with Marco Aghem in third place.


Snetterton marked the first official outing for our new 270R class, and although slightly light for this round, the class is already set to sore at Brands Hatch in a few weeks time. After a great deal of interest from drivers over the last few seasons, it’s great to finally launch our 270R championship, and we’re excited to see it progress.

As the weekend’s action got underway, it was Jamie Winrow who claimed 310R pole position, ahead of 7 Racing newcomer, James Wingfield, and Caterham stalwart, David Yates. After narrowly missing out on 310R title honours last season, Yates is certainly keen to challenge for spoils this season.

As the 310R and 270R field thundered towards turn one at the start of the opening race, it was clear we were in for a thrilling battle. Experienced Caterham racer, Winrow looked like a strong challenger, however after seemingly struggling, he dropped back throughout the 25-minute outing.

Keen to triumph on his first attempt in a new championship, Wingfield was a strong contender, as he, 2023 310R runner-up, Caroline Everett, and Yates engaged in an exciting tussle, separated by mere millimetres for the duration.

Despite immense pressure, it was Wingfield who crossed the finish line triumphant – however only just. In true Caterham racing style, and opting for another photo finish, Everett took second place by just 0.026 seconds, with Yates third, 0.1 seconds adrift. Paul Sethi claimed fourth place, with the top four separated by half a second.

After making his debut in 2023, Sam May has returned to the 7 Racing 310R championship this season. A superb opening race of the season saw the youngster claim a strong fifth place finish, ahead of Doug Christie. Christie has been racing Caterhams for many years, however, 2024 marks his first season in the 7 Racing Championship, and what a great start it was. Pole sitter Winrow eventually finished in seventh place. Another newcomer, Myrton Wood, claimed the inaugural 270R championship victory.

As with the 420R grid, race two saw a reverse of the top 10 finishers from race one form the grid for this second outing. With this, it was Scott Parker who lined up in prime spot at the head of the field, with Tim Steel alongside.

Another rolling start and we were underway once again. Keen to make amends for race one, Winrow soon elevated himself to the head of the pack, as he began to challenge for honours. Before long, Winrow found himself battling with familiar names, as Everett, Wingfield and Yates navigated their way through the pack.

Sadly, the struggles from race one once again reared their head for Winrow, as he slipped back slightly. In his wake, Yates, Wingfield and Everett continued their battle, and as the final chequered flag of the day came into sight it was Yates who claimed victory. This time the gap between the top two was 0.1 seconds, the biggest winning margin all day, amazingly. Wingfield held on for second place, with Everett third.

Christie steered his way to a superb fourth place, also claiming the Chapman Trophy for this opening round of the season. Winrow held on for a fifth place finish, after a fantastic battle with Christie. Sethi rounded out the top six, whilst May finished seventh following another super race. Wood enjoyed double 270R success, claiming another victory in race two.

After a superlative start to the season, we now turn our attentions to a busy few weeks. Next week (24th – 26th May) sees 7 Racing head to Paul Ricard for the second round of the 7 Racing Euro Cup. One week later (1st June), we make the trip to Brands Hatch, for our annual, and very popular, Brands Hatch GP race meeting, the second outing on our 2024 UK calendar, and the only opportunity to race with a Caterham championship on the GP circuit.  

For more details about any of our race meetings, both in the UK and Euro Cup, or to book your spot on the grid, head to our website: https://seven.racing/index.php/product-category/7-racing/