7 Race Series in association with McMillan Motorsport commit to providing ‘at circuit’ Spare parts truck attendance at all race meetings and track days

It’s one thing to organise and run successful race meetings, but it’s also important to ensure your drivers and teams are looked after and have everything they need to ensure a successful weekend. With that in mind, we are always well equipped, with everything from spare engines, gearboxes, wings and nose cones to wheels, electrical parts, and even the smaller nuts and bolts, we always have just what you need to keep you on track.

Regardless of the track activity, whether it’s a 7RS race weekend, or one of our Caterham only track days, our spare parts truck will always be in attendance and packed to the rafters with everything you could need.

With the expansion of our class structure for 2023, to incorporate Caterham 270R specification cars, we are fully equipped for all cars and classes, whether you’re driving a 420R, a 310R or a 270R.

Commenting on the subject of spare parts, Andy McMillan said: “It’s important for us to ensure our drivers and teams have everything they need, not just in terms of good racing, hospitality and a welcoming paddock, but it is equally as important to ensure we can provide what our drivers need if they have problems, as soon as they need it.

“As fair as our racing is, things happen on circuit, mechanical parts fail and we want to make sure we are there to support our drivers and teams, to make sure they can be back on circuit as soon as possible. Our spare parts truck is piece of mind for everyone, and ensuring it is fully stocked for every race weekend and track day is important to us.”

Just another of the many benefits of racing with the 7 Race Series. The list is endless!