New for 2023 – 270R Championship Class

Following the popularity of our 420R and 310R classes, for 2023 we are expanding our class structure, by introducing our 270R class.

In recent seasons our 1600 class has become more and more attractive to a whole host of Caterham racing drivers. The class has always been predominantly 310R and Supersport specification cars, however following an increase in interest from those pedalling a Caterham 270R, the time has come to introduce a third class for 2023. Drivers within the 270R class will also have the opportunity to compete for the 270R championship title.

Commenting on the introduction of the Caterham 270R class, Andy McMillan said: “We have been developing our 1600 class over the last few seasons, it has continued to grow year on year. After a great deal of interest from our drivers and prospective drivers, it is the right time to introduce a 270R class. There has been a lot of demand for it, and so it makes sense to establish a separate, third class and championship for 2023.”

For 2023, the 270R cars will share track time with the 310R’s during race weekends, however with each class running its own respective grid. Should we secure enough interest for this new 270R class in 2023, we will look to offer the class its own dedicated grid for 2024.

If you are interested in finding out more about our 270R class, or in joining the 7 Race Series in another class for 2023, please get in touch for more details – [email protected].