Fuel Sampling to have more focus in 2022

Keith, our scrutineer, mentioned to me in a recent conversation that Motorsport UK wants to crack down this year on cars that don’t have the correct fuel sampling facilities.

Below is the relevant section from the Blue Book.

5.13.7. With the exception of cars competing in Sprint and Hill Climb road going production category, cars competing in British and Motorsport UK Titled Championships for, and all new build cars for, Rallycross, Car Racing, Special Stage Rallying, Sprints and Hill Climbs must be equipped with the facility to enable a fuel sample to be taken. For fuel injected cars the facility must be a dry break fuel sampling coupling, approved by the FIA, Competitors must carry and make available a 300mm minimum length of hose to which, where necessary, the appropriate mating part is to be attached.

For those that need dry break couplings, Caterham do sell them, and it’s a nice easy fit, but at the time of this article they are showing as out of stock:


You will also need this part, which is also showing as out of stock at the time of this article:


I had a quick google and found this kit at Murray Motorsport. This seemed the best value FIA approved stuff, although you will have a bit of pipe work to fit it.


If anyone has a cheaper source for a decent kit, please let me know.